How to put up the wallpaper seamlessly:

1/ Prepare your wall's surface:
Make sure it is smooth, dust free, clean, dry with no chemical, silicone, oil or grease.

2/ Double check your mural if fitting:
Unroll each panel, listed as P1, P2, P3 etc etc....
Make sure the size are right as you need to have a few extra cm/inches width and height.

3/ Prepare your tools:
You need a plastic spatula about 18/25 cm ( 7"/10")
Very sharp decorating knives with spares blades.
Wallpaper paste(glue) non-solvent based.
A wet sponge with clear water to clear and wash gently the excess of paste

4/ Read the intruction leaflet once:
It's provided with your mural, this will help you to get an idea on how the overlap/splicing will work before starting

5/ Starting to put the wallpaper up:
Apply the paste directly onto the wall, starting from the left.
measure up the width of your first roll numbered P1, if it is 1 meter wide apply the paste a bit more like 1.1 m on the width.
Apply glue generously and evenly everywhere from top to bottom.
Then take the first roll P1 start line it up flush and square from the top and roll it down slowly. Use the spatula carefully to push away the air not leaving any bubble and this way all the way to the bottom making sure it is neat and square.

6/ Moving on the next panels:
Time to prepare your wall for panel number 2.
Repeast the same method to apply the paste on the wall wider than the actual width of the panel P2.
Start to lay the panel P2 from the overlap part (splicing position ), you will see the 2 black striped of the splicing position they must match perfectly, sides, and height.
There should be 2 cm overlapping between P1 et P2.
Then roll down the second panel the same way until you make sure the 2 bottom stripes match too.
Still get the air pushed out with the soft plastic spatula.

7/ Continue the to the end of the wall.
Repeat that on all the panels until the last one on the right hand side of the wall.

8/ Cut the outside excess of the mural
Now comes the time to trim the excess, top, bottom left and right, there should be a bit extra, just cut it so the mural fits perfectly.
At this stage the mural should already look well in place once you have cute the outer excess.

9/ Finally, splicing the panels on the overlaps
Lean the plastic spatula vertically in the middle of the 2 cm overlap between both black stripes.
Plunge the blade of the very sharp knife through both layers since it is the middle or almost there should be 2 layers on that part.
Then carefully slide the blade all the way down.
There should be approximately 1 cm peeling off on the left, and then 1 cm on the right but still underneath the roll from the right.
Gently peel it off starting from top and then fold back the right roll, it should be seamless.

10/ Clean up the excess of paste:
You will probably have some excess of glue here and there, wipe it off gently with a wet sponge.

The job is done, enjoy our new mural.