Shipping policy

Delivery and Return


  1. Delivery prices of product and transportation are computed online. Costs are subjected to the valuation of the individual cost of transport for selected products. If The Buyer requests a special type of packaging or shipment, which are associated with higher costs of implementation, he undertakes to pay the additional cost. For this purpose, Please contact the Customer Service - contact details are available on the site.
  2. Flat-rate shipping and handling (not applicable with big canvases on a frame) are calculated for each ordered product according to a price calculator located on the side of These rates apply to shipments on UK territory.
  3. Any order with delivery beyond the UK borders must be determined in a case by case basis with The Seller.
  4. Packages are sent via courier.
  5. Packaging for transport and all other packaging are not subject to return, according to the guidelines for packaging. The Buyer agrees to the disposal of containers at their own expense.
  6. Estimated delivery time is approximately between 8 and 10 working days which is calculated from the change of status "in development" or "final confirmation of pictures with faults" and the day of shipment of the finished product to the courier company.
  7. The Seller is not responsible for any damage caused by the courier.
  8. Orders with different processing time are sent after completion of all orders, mainly after the longest of these. Some of the completed products can be sent individually, in particular an order exceeding the size of a typical courier.
  9. Extending the time of delivery does not relieve The Buyer from keeping the conditions of the purchasing contract, and in particular at the delivery process.
  10. For delivery of goods not fulfilling the provisions of the agreement caused by a fault of The Seller, The Buyer agrees to grant The Seller an additional deadline for making the order in not less than 2 weeks.

Damages caused during transportation

  1. In the product packaging a solution is used, where the print is not in contact with the walls of the package. Tubes and cardboard boxes in which the products are packed are marked with the original labels with the trademark of and warning label. If the goods are delivered to The Buyer and there are visible signs of damage and there is reason to believe that the product was damaged or corrupted this should be reported to the forwarder / carrier on delivery and a protocol must be written in regards to the damaged product in the presence of the carrier. In these cases, refuse the adoption of such consignment and immediately contact us by e-mail : on our contact page at WOANUK .
  2. In case of hidden defects The Buyer thereof shall immediately inform The Seller in the form of an e-mail sent to our contact page


  1. The term of the warranty is one year and begins on the day when The Buyer receives the goods.
  2. The Seller is not responsible for the slight deviations of goods delivered from the ones offered. In the case of stickers, posters, photo wall murals and canvas, insignificant deviations in colour can deviate also deterioration in format, paper quality, material and surface are not technically and productively completely avoidable. Such deviations do not entitle The Buyer to file complaints
  3. We use commonly use materials available on the printing market when manufacturing our products. With regards to inks, paints, materials, resistance to light etc. the responsibility effects the average durability of these materials. The prints are not water-resistant without additional treatments. Prints are not waterproof without an additional refinement.
  4. The Buyer shall, within three working days from the moment of delivery respond in either writing, e-mail, fax or e-complaints regarding incorrect deliveries and visible defects in the goods.
  5. In case the purchase of goods is for both commercial transaction, The Buyer must, whenever possible, check the goods immediately upon receipt. In case of defects, The Buyer shall show them immediately. If The Buyer did not show defects, the goods shall be deemed approved unless the defect was not visible during checking of the goods in the first instance. If the defect appears at a later time, it should be reported immediately upon detection, not later than 3 days of its detection, otherwise the goods shall be deemed accepted. These findings do not apply to situations where the defect was concealed on purpose to obtain consumer rights or the return of information about the defect found.
  6. Before assembling your product it should be carefully checked and see if its parameters are in compliance with the order (dimensions, number of parts, matching of parts, laminate, graphics quality). Any discrepancies must be notified prior to installation. If the wall mural installation, sticker or poster will be initiated or executed (which means that the product will not be returned to us intact), the ability to claim faults, which could be detected before the fitting does not entitle you to a claim.
  7. If The Buyer is dissatisfied he is required to call Customer Service and follow its instructions. Goods are not to be send back unless instructed by Customer Service. It is recognised that The Seller is required to complete the complaint within 14 days. Completion of the process is determined from the investigation and is calculated from the time of delivery. If the claim is not solved by the Seller within the 14 days The Buyer is allowed to ask for a refund.
  8. Claims can not be filed against The Seller for damage caused by incorrect or inconsistent installation of the product by The Buyer.

Withdrawing from the agreement

  1. is an internet service for individual, personalised orders.
  2. The Buyer specifies the order by selecting the photo, material, dimension and possible print finishing options. Production of each product is carried out from the moment The Buyer places an order and made a payment as described in paragraph 3. Except as described in paragraph 4 point 11 and paragraph 6 point 7 it is not possible to cancel the contract.
  3. The Buyers ordered product (photo wall mural, poster, sticker, canvas) is configured based on the individual and detailed order, return of goods for any reason is definitely not acceptable.
  4. The Seller has the right to cancel the contract within 7 days without having to pay compensation after informing The Buyer of the circumstances that was beyond his control, which could not be anticipated, including third party interference in structure on the web , parameters and mechanisms for orders, as well as changes in price, and giving false data by The Buyer, as provided in paragraph 1 point 6. In certain cases the Seller is obligated to refund The buyer within 14 days after receiving accurate bank details from The Buyer for the refund.
  5. In case of partial withdrawal, for services carried out so far, payments must be settled in accordance to the production of the products produced up to date.

§8 Copyrights

  1. Products on offer on the site are covered by worldwide copyright laws. The Buyer and third parties are not authorised to manufacture, distribute or reproduce products offered by The Seller.
  2. Using this product to generate profits is only possible after obtaining written permission from The Seller, which is given for a particular period of time and purpose. Having the product or passing on ownership of it does not, unless stated otherwise, include any additional usage rights or profits according to the intellectual property rights. This concerns especially official exhibitions.
  3. Publishing documents like (photos, slides, text, etc.) may be allowed only with the consent of The Seller, together with the name of
  4. If The Buyer provides its own picture for production he declares that he owns the copyright to that picture or graphic. The Seller reserves the right to request written confirmation from The Buyer to establish ownership of the copyright law before production of the image. In the event that it is not submitted or is considered unreliable it is possible to refuse production. In such event, the records specified in paragraph 7 point 4 & 5 comes into action.

§9 Final provisions

  1. Any disputes arising from the sale of contract shall be resolved before a Court relevant to The Seller’s registered address.
  2. The Civil Code will apply In matters not covered by the Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Seller reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions. All changes are effective from the date of publishing them on .
  4. None of the regulations in this Terms and Conditions can be interpreted in a way that would restrict The Buyers rights according to the existing law.
  5. These Terms and Conditions are effective from 01.06.2012.